Monday, February 23, 2009

Help me help you...

The missing link in getting our city, county, state and country prepared, is you. Yes, the simple truth is I want to teach you. I am willing to teach you what I know. The greatest gift is when I also learn something from you.

If by chance, you are someone who is already a CERT team member, you can spread the word of preparedness. Maybe you can promote the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and/or DAC (Disaster Preparedness Course) by forwarding this blog sight to friends, family and co-workers. If you are aware of fairs or events that have booths for community groups, the Los Angeles Fire Department (On duty, we stay pretty close to the boarders of the city of Los Angeles. If your location is in other areas, contact me and I will try to connect you to either local CERT instructors, groups and/or first responders who can advise.) wants to send me to answer questions and give information to increase citizen survival during and after a disaster.

"Help me, help you"

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