Thursday, September 24, 2009

USC & UCLA are getting ready...why aren't you?

Members of USC Fire & EMS help keep the campus of University of Southern California safe, prepared and ready for day to day needs as well as disaster preparedness.

USC Fire & EMS teach faculty and students how to use a CO2 Fire Extinguisher.

UCLA has one of the best EMS support and transportation systems in Los Angeles.
If you think about most college campuses, they are like a city inside of a city. Our neighborhoods can take note on how most college campuses are prepared for disaster. Everything from medical support (take a first aid class) to fire suppression and search/rescue. Your neighborhood will need to be able to operate as it's own "city inside of a city".

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tonyb said...

Laissez-faire Not Fair
When the dust settles, who will carry the mantle for disaster survivors?
This should help understanding:
What do you expect in case of an insured loss? Are You Disaster Ready? (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood, fire, etc.). President Obama affirms government's laissez-faire policy with his telling response: