Monday, July 16, 2012

The Great Shake Out is coming...are you registered for 2012?

Hello Friends...I have been away for a bit, but I am back and more excited about helping my family, neighbors, friends and community get prepared in case of disaster. Something that I have learned since my last post is that the simple act of a check up with your doctor or clinic may be as profound as any disaster preparedness tips you can learn. In January of this year, I learned that I had prostate cancer. This was detected through a routine check up (kind of like the routine check up I blog about we should do twice a year with our homes, jobs and family and our "GO BAGS", escape routes and disaster supplies)
Routine check ups often find small problems and can be fixed before they become huge issues. I am happy to share that as a result of my check up, my health issue has been treated and at this point, looks to be in good places. With that being said, if you feel as though getting your home and family disaster prepared is too big of a task, then I challenge you to treat this task like any other overwhelming task..."do it one day at a time"..."baby steps". As long as you go forward, you are making progress.
Check out this web site and do something nice for your family and community...get prepared.

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