Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to School
ABC’s of getting your family prepared.

As summer comes to a sweltering halt and armies of students across the country head back to school, the opportunity to recycle and reuse last years backpacks and turn them into “GO” bags** is a great way to get your family thinking about disaster preparedness. 
If your children are anything like my children, back to school means new backpacks. While new backpacks on the first day of school seem as natural as pumpkins for Halloween and lights during the holidays, it is just as natural to take this opportunity to not throw the old backpacks away, but rather “go green”! Recycle and reuse the old backpacks by placing in them disaster supplies for your child. Here is a suggested list of items, but feel free to be creative and add anything that you feel your child may need if they are required to stay away from home due to an emergency.
The ten suggested items for your child’s “GO” bag:
  1. Water
    2.) Food (simple foods, easy open containers, baby food is still food)
    3.) Cash & Important Documents ($20 in small bills/scan docs to USB /CD rom)
    4.) Clothes (store in air tight/zip type bad to keep dry)
    5.) Flashlights (batteries should be fresh)
    6.) First Aid Kit/N95 respirator
    7.) Medicine (children/pediatric dose)
    8.) Radio (battery, crank, solar power)
    9.) Toiletries (Tooth brush, tissue paper, hygiene products)
    10.) Tools/Toy (It is recommended that adults have a simple tool, but something like a jump rope can be used to amuse and keep a child busy as well as serve as a tool.)
** GO Bag- A GO bag is a backpack/gym bag/duffle bag that has been pre-packed and is ready to go at any time. It should be able to provide at least 72 hours of survival. Each member of your family should have a GO bag and it should be updated twice a year. Keep your GO bag someplace that you can get to it and get out quick. Each family member should be familiar with his or her own GO bag.

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