Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jeff Hudson leads Holy Family Services in Echo Park

Today my partner (Jeff Hudson) and I had the chance to meet some wonderful people in the Echo Park area of Los Angeles. Holy Family Catholic Services hosted a fire extinguisher demonstration for their employees. Judging from the smiles in this picture, the presentation was not only educational and practical, but it was fun too. Outstanding class and a special DAC Unit thank you to Holy Family. We look forward to helping with any other disaster preparedness training you may need.
To see more instruction and information about fire extinguisher use, check out the video bar along the right side of this blog. If you want to schedule an extinguisher demonstration for your block club, church group or any group of 20 or more adults, please contact our office and simply say..."Hey JJ". Call me and I will connect you with my captain and we will get you on calendar. The number for my office is (818)756-9674.

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