Thursday, March 26, 2009

LA County has a great place to get started

While many places offer disaster preparedness information, the basic message is the same. It has been said, "why are you trying to reinvent the wheel?" I say..."I am not reinventing the wheel, but I am doing my part to try and make sure that EVERYBODY gets a wheel!"
In times of disaster, every community will need to be able to participate in their own survival. In the city of Los Angeles, there are over four million residents...Los Angeles Fire Department has about thirty two hundred full time firefighters. If your take it to the county level, we add about six million more residents for a total of ten million. There are not enough firefighters, paramedics, EMTs, police officers and other law enforcement to respond to all of the 911 calls that will come. If you want a hint of what we can experience, refer to You Tube footage of Hurricane Katrina... we can do better. How do we do better?...Preparedness is the key.

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