Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Great Two Weeks w/ United States District Court

Recently after completing a series of disaster preparedness presentations for the United States District Courts, I was humbled by being presented with a very nice certificate of appreciation. Thank you to all who attended, contributed and most of all learned something to help increase your disaster preparedness IQ.As wonderful as our time together was, it means nothing without action. Learn from the Wizard of Oz. (Yes, a children's story can teach you all you need to know about DP-disaster preparedness)
1.) As we learned from the Cowardly Lion-COURAGE. Have the courage to step up and be the one in your family, condo association, college dorm or where ever you live to start the DP ball rolling.
2.) As we learned from the Tin man-Heart/Love. Love yourself enough to take care of yourself. A part of loving yourself is preparedness. You can not love anybody else, until you love yourself.
3.) The Scarecrow-A Brain. Put together a brain. A brain is a central location in your "GO" bag that contains your important documents (flash drive/CD rom or hard copy), spare eye glasses, money, out of state contact information, pack of checks, spare keys, emergency credit card.

Just like Dorothy, your ability to take care of your home is already inside of you. Just click your heels three times and repeat..."I will prepare my home and my family-I will prepare my home and my family-I will prepare my home and my family" then DO IT! After all-"There's no place like home!"

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Anonymous said...

What a great correlation between preparedness and the Wizard of Oz! Excellent tie-in. Thanks for encouraging those around you to prepare. As we unite together in the preparedness message, we collectively succeed.