Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everybody needs a "GO" bag

Children feel safe and secure when they know that parents/guardians have taken the time to provide for their safety.
Everybody in your home needs to have a "GO" bag. What is a "GO" bag you ask? A "GO" bag is a dedicated beg for each family member that includes disaster supplies as well as specific special needs items.
All of the above items fit in the backpack of my four year old son. Can you identify the ten essential items everybody needs in their "GO" bag?
1.) Food
2.) Water
3.) First Aid/Medicine
4.) Change of clothes
5.) Sanitation needs
6.) Special needs (for my son, toys and/or coloring book)
7.) Family Pictures/Medical Personal info. (on CD Rom)
8.) Out of state contact/next of kin family info
9.) Blanket/shelter (backdrop is a blanket)
10.) Money


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog! Just happened upon you on Twitter (I'm @preparednesspro) and came to check things out. A GO bag is ideal - saw someone who had a 72 hour kit in a 5 gallon bucket. A backpack you can CARRY! you may enjoy my preparedness blog:

Jill said...
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