Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Lighthouse in the Storm

Taking it to the streets!
The street fair/block party sponsored by Cochran Ave. Baptist Church brings art, food, culture and community service to the grass roots level. Thank you to Rev. Charles Johnson and the members of Cochran Ave. Baptist Church for allowing the Los Angeles Fire Department-DAC (Disaster Awareness Course) to be apart of your event. I had a wonderful time and I look forward to meeting with you again soon. Let's keep the love flowing.
The motto for Cochran Ave. Baptist Church is..."where the mission of Christ is meeting the needs of the people". By being proactive in disaster preparedness, Cochran Ave. is leading by example and meeting the needs of the people. History tells us that in times of disaster, many will turn to the church as their lighthouse in the storm. Is your lighthouse in order?

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