Thursday, April 16, 2009

Recycle Your Children's Old Backpacks Into "GO" Bags

I am not going to count on anybody else to save my family. It is my job as their father to prepare, educate and empower my family. The federal government will help after the incident, but have you given your friends and family the tools to make to that time?
I love having fun with my children, but more important I enjoy empowering my children. Instead of carrying my daughter after the disaster, by having her "GO" bag ready my daughter is empowered to survive. I have four children. Each of my children has a "GO" bag in our family’s disaster kit. If I was to go buy new backpacks and supplies, it could get to be very expensive. With expense comes procrastination. In the picture below, you see a pink backpack. That backpack was my middle daughter's back pack from last year. When the new school year started, when I bought new backpacks, I took the old backpacks and made "GO" bags. All of the items pictured below fit into one backpack. For a list of the items suggested to go into your "GO" bag click on this link:
1.) Water

2.) Food

3.) Cash/Documents

4.) Clothes

5.) Flashlight

6.) First Aid Kit

7.) Medicine

8.) Radio

9.) Toiletries

10.) Tools

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Helena Tipan said...

That was a great idea. Love it.

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