Sunday, August 16, 2009

Build a better "Sandtrap"?

This past week, I was amazed when I saw a new machine that can help many of our Southern California neighborhoods as we transition from summer and into fall and winter (The rainy season). Anybody who has lived in Southern California understands the double edge disaster sword of brush fires. The first side is the devastation of the fire itself. To loose your home and all of your property inside can be devastating. However, the rhyme or reason how often a fire can ravish a community, but leave some house standing is a mystery. (Aside from proper brush clearance and defensible space) The reaction to this tragic action if sometimes felt months later when heavy rains come and the normal ground cover has been burned away. As a result the second side of the double edge disaster is flood and mud slide. The house left standing from the prior brush fires are often left vulnerable during wet and rainy weather. When mud slide is the case, it often requires tedious and back breaking manual labor of filling and placing sandbags to divert the flow of water and mud.
The new machine I referenced earlier is called the "Sand U Bag" sand bagging machine. This simple scoop and fill machine has simplified the sand bagging process to a place where home owners, block clubs, community fighters can bag 300 sand bags an hour. (As per their claim) I have not seen an hours worth of work, but what I did see was quite impressive. To learn more, go to: or give them a call at (818) 243-1977.
Please remember to be safe.

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