Friday, August 28, 2009

Red Flag...what does this mean?

The city of Los Angeles follows a warning system that alerts citizens of when weather conditions are in a high hazard rating. The high hazard conditions are when wild fires can start and spread rapidly. This is not to say that other days can't be hazardous, but when the wind exceed 25 mph and the humidity drops below 15% the city will issue a "RED FLAG" warning.
Red flag warning can also mean no parking on streets that have been determined to be vital for entry and access for emergency apparatus and evacuation. These high hazard areas can be identified by a number of outreach methods of education. Here are a few of the ways to determine if you are in one of these areas:
  • call 311
  • local radio and television stations (AM 980 & AM 1070)
  • check with your local fire station as well as look for a "red flag" on the flag pole

If you do not live in the city of Los Angeles, check with your local fire authority and ask what can you do to be prepared, be informed and to be empowered.

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