Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mechanical Engineering offers rare perspective by offering both Dry Chem & CO2 extinguisher training

The CO2 extinguisher offers unique benefits that includes less mess. While the Dry Chem and the CO2 look similar, they reach their goal in different ways. Both are excellent front line fire suppression tools.
The use of the Class A, B, C/Dry Chemical extinguisher offers an affordable and portable front line fire suppression tool that everybody needs to know how to use. The Dry Chemical extinguisher is noted by it's common smooth hose tip and the sodium bicarbonate powder residue.

Employees of Mechanical Engineering did a great job with the fire extinguisher disaster training!

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Anonymous said...

It’s very important to know the different types and proper operation of the types of fire extinguishers that might be around you before the fire occurs.

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